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Baldha Garden, Wari, Dhaka

Baldha Garden, Wari, Dhaka

The Baldha Garden is situated in Wari, Dhaka. It is one of the large plant gardens in Dhaka. In 1909 Narendra Narayan Roy Chowdhury the nature lover established this historical Baldha Garden. This is a unit of national plant garden. It’s around 3.38 acres area of places. This Baldha Garden divided into two sections one is Saiki and another is Sibily. The zamindar Narendra Narayan Roy is also a poet, writer. The meaning of the two sections are Saiki is “SOUL” and Sibily is “Debi”. These two words are from old Greek. In 1943 after Narendra Narayan Roy died the Kolkata high court take care by a trust foundation. But they didn’t take care of it carefully for that reason in 1962 it gave to forest department of East Bengal.

inside the baldha garden with pond-side plants

There is an almost 18,000 plant in Baldha Gardens collection. In Saiki and Sibily there are 800 species. For students, they can research in here and can get help by authority. In the part Sibily, it has a pond named Shogkhonad. Beside this, there are so many plants like Polyalthia longifolia, Ashoka tree, Java apple, Jhumko Jaba, Southern magnolia, Nilmonilota, jackfruit tree, Mahua, mangosteen, Dracaena, tamarind, Dwarf umbrella tree, Tulip Flower, Brownea and Camellia etc. A sun watch and joy house are also there. The flower camellia is famous for its poem and it wrote by world-famous poet Rabindranath Tagore after seen this flower here. Rabindranath Tagore wrote this poem in joy house. The Saiki is restricted area to enter but the main attraction is various colours Water Lillie, rare species cactus, orchids and amazons’ Lillie. Also, there is an artificial cave.

a beutiful flower

Entry Tickets:-

The ticket price is 30 (thirty) BDT for everyone. 

Visiting hours:-  

This place is open every day from 8 am to 5 pm. But from 12 pm-2 pm is break time.  

How to go there:-

Anywhere from Capital Dhaka tourist must have come near Rajdhani Super Market area, Tikatuli by Bus, CNG, Rickshaw or Uber. The fare of the bus is around 20-40 taka (from different places), Uber is around 100-400 taka (from different places). Rickshaw is around 50-300 taka (from different places).


The place is secured by the authority. So please don’t do anything wrong over there during your visiting time. 

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