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Bandarban Tour- Bogalake and Keokradong

How to Reach:

Bandarban Tour is an memorizing tour in any tourist life. So if any tourist wants to go in Bandarban then, the best ways to reach in Bandarban from Capital Dhaka and also from different places in Bangladesh is by Bus. Buses like Hanif, Shyamoli, and Unique are going to Bandarban. The fare is around 650 BDT from Dhaka and fare must vary from different places. You can get bus tickets from Bus Counter in Gabtoli, Kalyanpur, Arambag and Saydabad every day. It takes around 7 hours to reach with 1 journey break.

Tour Itinerary:

Journey Starts: – Tourist must have gone for a night journey for Bandarban Tour, if they want to save time to start a full day in visiting destination. The bus journey is the only option to reach in Bandarban. The journey starts at 9.30 pm to 11.00 pm so come minimum 30 minutes before its departure. Whole night journey.

the bogalake

Day 1

Reach Bandarban at 6 am-7.30 am. Taking some rest and get fresh at the bus counter. Then moving for breakfast, after the breakfast the main journey starts to Ruma Bazar. Only the real adventures people can feel the realistic adventure even on this whole tour. So rent a Jeep car (it’s called Chander Gari) or by Bus. It will take around 3.30 hours to reach in Ruma Bazar. The road journey from Bandarban to Ruma bazar is very pleasant and memorizing. After reaching in Ruma bazar Hire a tour guide who will guide you the entire journey.

In the Ruma Bazar:-

Now go to the army camp to give all the information about every tourist for safety in Ruma bazar and it must be before 3 pm. Then take the lunch, after that rent another Jeep car (called Chander Gari) to Kamala bazar. This journey tourist also will get a better feel on the road for its scenery. It will take around 2.30-3 hours to reach in Kamala bazar. After that buy a stick to trekking with all your staffs for Bogalek with great adventure of your life. It will take around one hour to reach in the top of Bogalake. Trekking will be very painful but memorable. But never feel hopeless and keep patient.

There is no vertical way to get up in horrific trekking so it will easy from other trekking. After reaching Bogalake you need to provide your information again into army camp of Bogalake and give your sign. After all, that rent a cottage room. Take shower and lunch. Then take around tour of this beautiful lake. Obviously, it will amaze you. You will be surprised by the calmness and the crystal clear water of the lake. You will feel the nature from the balcony of your cottage. Remember lake is very deep and it is restricted to swim so don’t be foolish and restrict you to down there. Then come by 8.30 pm, take the dinner and take your time what you want to do to enjoy there.

Almost every tourist wants to do Bar. B. Q here, so make sure if any tourist wants to do Bar. B. Q here they need to tell their guide before they are here to make all the things ready. Take sleep early for next day tour.

wonderfull view of sky and hill

Day 2

Tourist must need to wake up early in the morning to enjoy the awesome atmosphere. Then Starts the journey to Keokradong in the early morning like 7 am-8 am. Before that taking the permission from army camp to Keokradong hill. It will take around 3.30 hours to reach there. But remember tourist need to keep their heavy bag to the cottage owner in Bogalake. Tourist will be very pleased with the dazzling beauty of green hill, zigzag path and cool fountains with the hide and seek game of clouds on top of the hill. After reaching the basement of hill area it needs to get the permit again for trekking the hill.

You will get a beautiful view when you trekking Keokradong. Lots of waterfalls over there specially the Chingri Jhiri waterfall and get lots of fruits of hilly places to give you freshness. Within an hour you may reach the Darjeeling para. Darjeeling para is the neatest and clean and beautiful village of Bandarban. Taking some foods when getting some rest while trekking. All the memories are never forgettable in this adventure. After reaching the main spot of Keokradong rent a cottage room and get fresh and take some rest after that take lunch. Then take a tour around and plan to spend a night there. Take dinner by 8 pm and then it is your time to spend how you like. Take early sleep for next day adventure.

the top hill view in bandarban

Day 3

In the early morning wait to watch the sunrise again with the most wonderful view in Keokradong of Bandarban Tour. After that take breakfast with delicious Khichuri and Egg fry and starts the return journey to Bogalake. Trekking again in the same way to get down. Reaching Bogalake by 11 am then taking some rest in there and take the heavy bag of yours which was kept the Bogalake cottage and starts again down to Kamala bazar.

Then from Kamala bazar to Ruma Bazar main town by Jeep (Chander Gari). Take lunch and remember the last bus time from Ruma bazar to Bandarban is 3 pm. Then again starts the journey to Bandarban main town all are the same way and all army camp verification are same. Please maintain the time throughout the journey. Reaching Bandarban by 6.30pm to 7 pm. after that take some rest and food. Now it’s time to back home. Confirm a bus ticket and of off to Dhaka by 8 pm. whole night bus journey and reach Dhaka by 6 am-7 am in the next day morning and End of the most memorable tour of your life.

Tour costing:-

From Bandarban, bus stand to go to Ruma Bazar bus stand by auto- per head fare is 30 BDT. Up down

If Chander Gari round trip is 3500-4500 BDT from Bandarban to Ruma Bazar.

Bandarban to Ruma bazar fare is 250 BDT per head by bus. Roundtrip

From Ruma bazar to Kamala bazar (Chander Gari) 3000-4000 BDT. 

If Chander Gari round trip is 9500 BDT from Bandarban to Kamala bazar.

The trekking stick. 10 BDT per pics

Breakfast per head is 60-100 BDT (per head)

lunch per head- 150 to 200 BDT vary by choice and items (per meal)

dinner per head – 150 to 200 BDT vary by choice and items (per meal)

Cottage for the night per head 150 BDT (In Bogalek)

Cottage is per head 150 BDT (In Keokradong)

Guide fee 500-600 BDT per day.

Tourist can do Bar. B. Q it will cost around 1200-1500 BDT on their own and you need to manage all these things before doing it. So tell the guide before reach there. Give tips to guide for this arrangement around 200-500 BDT as wish.


  • Need to carry ID like (passport, NID or driving license) photocopy for Bandarban Tour.
  • Need to maintain the time while travelling.
  • Must need to carry the dry food like Chocolates, Chips and Dates (it regain the energy within a short time).
  • While trekking tourist needs to drink more saline, water and of course odomus cream for mosquito protection. The vaccine of Malaria may be taken before the journey.
  • While trekking tourist needs to take the steps carefully. over excitement can be dangerous.
  • Don’t mess with the local people in those areas.
  • Need to give the signature of because there are lots of army camp for safety. So don’t get irritating while doing this be calm and co-operate with them.
  • Need to use good trekking shoe and try to keep your baggage light.
  • Very important thing is don’t through waste here and there while travelling.
  • Keep the environment cool and calm and feel the atmosphere.

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  1. Can you please explain it briefly?

    From Bandarban, bus stand to go to Ruma Bazar bus stand by auto- per head fare is 30 BDT. Up down

    If Chander Gari round trip is 3500-4500 BDT from Bandarban to Ruma Bazar.

    Bandarban to Ruma bazar fare is 250 BDT per head by bus. Roundtrip.

    I’m confused, sorry!

    • You can go ruma bazar from Bandarban sadar by bus or by chander gari. If you go by bus up and down costs 250 BDT.
      If you go by Chander gari it will costs 4500 BDT up-down round trip.


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