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Cox’s Bazar Tour

Cox’s Bazar the longest sea beach in this whole world

Sea is the place of pleasure and refreshment. Every people in this world must go there to spend some great time even if it is only for once in life. Today I will give the legit information to the tourist people about this beautiful longest sea beach in this whole world which is COX’S BAZAR.

Cox’s Bazar is situated in 150 Kilometer south of Chittagong division. The total area of Cox’s Bazar beach is 120KM long and Total area of this place is 6.85 km2 (2.64 sq. mi). This is one of the best tourist places in Bangladesh. Millions of people visit this place every year.

Season to visit:

The winter season (From November To February) is best to visit Cox’s Bazar because this is the time that everyone must get the perfect test over there, but tourist can visit all-time in the year to feel different weather in Cox’s Bazar.

the coxs bazar sea

How to Reach In Cox’s Bazar:

There are several ways to reach in Cox’s Bazar from Capital Dhaka and also from different places in Bangladesh. Bus, Train and Air. There are many AC buses like Green line, Shohag, Hanif, Shyamoli, Desh travels, London Express and NON-AC buses like Hanif, Shyamoli, Unique, Soudia, S.Alam from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar. AC buses fare is from 1600-2500 BDT and the non-ac fare is 800 BDT. You can get bus tickets from Bus Counter in Gabtoli, Kalyanpur, Saydabad and Arambag from 6 am to 11.30 pm. In every 15 minutes, the bus is available to move. From Dhaka, it takes almost 10-12 hours to reach in cox bazar with 2 journey breaks.

If any tourist wants to go Cox’s Bazar by train he needs to move Chittagong first and then for cox’s bazar. From Kamalapur railway station you will get train tickets from Dhaka to Chittagong. It will take 10 hours to reach Chittagong and from there to Cox’s Bazar by bus it will take 3 hours. Train fare is 300-1000 BDT and from Chittagong to cox’s bus fare is 300 BDT.

If any tourist wants to go by air. They need to book the ticket from online by airways company website or from Dhaka airport domestic terminal. There are few airways like Bangladesh Biman, US Bangla, Regent air and Novo air from Dhaka airport to Cox’s Bazar airport. One way fare is around 4500 BDT in the economy and round fare is 8000 BDT, for business class, it is a bit higher. Tourist needs to book their tickets as early as possible to get a low price.

Where to stay In Cox bazar:

Cox’s Bazar is rush to stay in the hotel. So book the hotel first before travel. There are lots of hotel/motel/resort. Specially five-star hotel is best to stay and also tourist can get four-star and three-star hotel also at low prices. Five start hotel price is 6000-30,000 BDT per night. Four-star is 2000-6000 BDT per night.

Five start hotel like- Sayeman beach resort, Hotel the cox today, Seagull hotel, Ocean paradise hotel, Longbeach hotel, Sea palace is best to stay with discounts.

Four-star hotel like- Koral riff, beach view, Hotel beach way, sea crown and many more

Food in Cox’s Bazar:

There are a few good restaurants in Cox’s Bazar to eat. Like Jhauban, Poushi, Rodela, Dhansiri, Niribili. Food cost around per meal is 200 to 350 BDT by choice of items. Also, KFC is there. Tourist can go easily there by rickshaw and tom-tom car fare will be 20-30 BDT by the distance of places

the rabar dam in cox's bazar

Two days tour guideline—

Journey Starts: –

Tourist must go at night. If they do not use the air journey. It will save time to start a full day in visiting destination. The Bus journey is mostly the best idea. So buy the bus tickets from minimum 2 days before the tour date. Come minimum 30 minutes before to the bus counter from its departure. Whole night bus journey and it will be reached in Cox’s Bazar by 8 am. If any tourist can start the journey by 9.30 pm.

First day:-

After reaching Cox’s Bazar rent a hotel by your expenses and take breakfast by 8.30am. Take some rest in the hotel because of journey tiredness. After 11.30 am ready to travel the most attracting points of here. The sea beach. The most awaiting things and the main attraction of Cox’s Bazar. There is three renowned beach in cox’s bazar laboni point, shugandha beach and kolatoli beach. Between this three laboni point is best.

Tourist can see all these places by their choice. Tourist can take the feel in the sea with sand. But always remember the timing of tide. There are so many sea guides to control of these things. Tourist can seat in the sea bench there. Most cases they are free but some of them need to rent per hour basis around 30 BDT. Also, anyone can take the tire tube in the sea and can take a horse ride with sea car take as many photos as they want. Take your time to enjoy as much as you can. After that return to the hotel and go for lunch. Then a full day in the sea area spend your time and wait till afternoon the see the wonderful sunset in the sea. By 9.30 take the dinner and go for a sleep in the hotel room. End of the day.

the top hill view in himchori

Second day:-

Second day of the tour wakes up at 7 am take breakfast and get ready to go for next place to visit in Inani sea beach, Himchori and Darianagar park.  From Cox’ Bazar town to Inani is around 26 km. tourist must need to hire a tom-tom or CNG for a full day to Inani and Himchari with Darianagar Park. Rent will be 1000 BDT around. After reaching the Inani beach tourist can see the coral stone and also so many of it. There is also large hills. Tourist can take the test of coconut water and the size of it is pretty big. Take around one hour to spend in there. After that start, they journey again for Himchari. It is around 10 KM far.

It needs an entry ticket to enter price is 30 BDT. The Himchari is famous for a waterfall with some large hills. The view from hill to sea is awesome. After that come to see the waterfall. Then come for the Darianagar park it is around 200 meters away from Himchori. Enjoy the time in there in marine drive the entire journey. After that come to the Cox’s Bazar town. Take the lunch and spend some more time in the sea beach to feel it more. After evening Go for some own shopping in the Burmese market and get back to the hotel take the dinner and the sleep.

Himchori hill view with trees

Third day:-

In the morning it’s time to get back home.

Tour Cost Summary: –

Bus- 2000 BDT for ac and 800 BDT for non-ac

Airfare- 4500 BDT one way and round is 8500 BDT

Hotel- 1500-2500 BDT average (per night price)

Food- 150-200 BDT per meal (per head)

Local transport- By tom-tom or rickshaw fare is around 20-50 BDT (per trip vary on distance)

Others- own costing and shopping.

Awareness: –

  • For night journey by a non-ac bus, Unique bus is great.
  • Rather than travel luggage backpack is better to carry while anyone in travel.
  • Pick the best hotel to stay safe with the tour budget. But don’t care if any broker wants to tell you that they have the best hotel to stay. Book hotel by your own mostly better pre-book in a good hotel.
  • Tourist can walk easily from beach to hotel the distance is not so far. If anyone wants to take a rickshaw or tom-tom car they can fare is very by distance mostly 20 BDT.
  • If minimum 2 people travel at a time they can reserve rickshaw or tom-tom. Don’t take any service from any unknown people while travelling.
  • It is better to carry cash but tourist can take banks credit and debit card. Also, bkash or rocket to stay safe from cash and anyone can withdraw if needed because almost every place surrounding by ATM’s and bkash agent shop so that tourist can withdraw cash from there.

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