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Curzon Hall, Bangladesh

Curzon Hall, Bangladesh

Curzon Hall is one of the most beautiful architectural and historical building in Bangladesh. It is recognized as the archetype. The massive structure stands as a monument to the heritage of this country. Now, this hall is the science department of Dhaka University. In 1904 the Viceroy and Governor General of India Lord Curzon established this. But in 1905 after the partition of Bengal (known as Bangabhango), the Dhaka is the capital of East Bengal and Assam.

curzon hall main building

At that time this Curzon hall used as the capital’s office. The protest starts from this Curzon hall for making Urdu the only state language of Bengal. In 1911 after the partition of Bengal it is used as Dhaka college building. After establishing of Dhaka University in 1921 this building belongs to them as a science building. Curzon Hall is a witness of many significant political battles in Bangladesh.  

The two storied beautiful architectural designed building is fully red in colour and it has a large garden where you can feel the softness of green grass. There are lots of tresses in this garden. A pond is located behind the building on the west side. This building has an amazing blend of European designing style and Mughal Empire. Visitors of this hall will able to view wonderful domes, cusped arches and stunning horse-show arches. There are a large field and a beautiful flower garden in front of this Curzon hall. On the other hand, Curzon hall Surrounding with so many historical places like Bangladesh National Museum, The Shishu Academy, Dowel chatter, The Shaheed Minar, Old High Court etc.

No one can forget this hall ever for its fascinating history and the marvellous architectural masterpiece. 

garden with yellow flowers in curzon hall

How to go there:-

The Curzon hall located in Dhaka University area. So tourist can come by bus, Uber, CNG, rickshaws. Transport fare must vary from different places in Dhaka City.

Bus:- If any visitor wants to come by bus they need to come in Shahbag first, the fare may 20 to 40 BDT from any place of Dhaka, then take a rickshaw to there and the fare is around 30 BDT or can walk through around 2km.

Uber, CNG and Rickshaw:- The fare from entire Dhaka city to the hall by Uber are around 200 to 500 BDT, by CNG are around 150 to 400 BDT and by Rickshaw are around 70-350 BDT.

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