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Hakaluki Haor Review

Hakaluki the largest Haor

Hakaluki Haor is the largest haor in Bangladesh. The most natural beauty is turns into different looks in different times all the calendar year. The largest haor of the country is also a large sweet water wetland. In the east side there are Patharia and Madhab hills. Also surrounded by Bhatera hills in the west. Cover with over five Upazila of Moulvibazar and Sylhet districts.

Visiting season:

The rainy and winter season are suitable for the visit there. The Hakaluki Haor is one of the fascinating tourist place in Bangladesh.

The Haor areas:

The Hakaluki Haor, which consists of mix small and large of around 242 beels and 10 small rivers. In the rainy season this place becomes an area of about 18,000 hectares. This haor is available in more than half of the total aquatic vegetation and complex plants and animal species of Bangladesh. This Haor are now include with so many places like Barlekha, Kulaura, Fenchuganj, Golapganj and Beanibazar Upazila.

Mainly the haor area is around 20,400 hectares. There are several species of fish in all the beels of Hakaluki Haor. In the rainy season, this haor turns an amazing form. Just about water and water play, looking like the floating sea.

hakaluki haor water and cloud in the sky

Inside the Haor areas:

It is an amazing scene. Hakaluki Haor has around 525 species of plants, 416 species of birds, of which 110 species of birds and 303 species of indigenous birds are included. Besides this, around 140 species of other wild animals, 105 species of fish, and 30 species are endangered at different levels. There are also various types of insects, aquatic and terrestrial micro bio-me.

Winter Charming:

In winter, the migratory birds roamed around the haor, and the entire area this haor drought-like green revolution, somewhere in the winter, is the sum of about 236 beels in paddy fields and lowlands. Famous for Hakaluki Haor fishes. Reserved wetlands of Hakaluki Haor Bangladesh In the winter season, about 24 species of duck and water birds from the northern Siberia.

Besides this, around 100 species of locally available birds are found all the calendar year. Beels contains waters in almost all the year. The main stream of haor’s water channel is the Juri and River Panai. These beels are a collection of fish resources. About 2450 tons of fish are produced in the year. But the reason for fishing, lots of fishes are not available in haor.

blue sky and the water

In the Haor, the arrival of the winter waterfall birds. Lots of birds of nearly 46 species comes in the winter season. These guest birds include Ghost Ducks, Giriya Ducks, Lange Ducks, Sand Ducks, Gutty Eagles, Kura Eagles, King Sarali, Pan Kauri etc. are notable.

Planning for a tour:

Any tourist can go for this wonderful Hakaluki Haor tour. As a tourist if anyone wants to stay at night in the Kutir house, it is necessary to get permission from the beels owner. It is also a very good idea by placing tent. Staying in the tent at night, watching the birds on moon nights will attract the tourist and it’s simply an adventure.

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