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Hakaluki Haor tour, Sylhet

Hakaluki Haor, Moulvibazar, Sylhet

If Tanguar Haor is the daughter of haor in Sylhet, then you must have to tell it that Hakaluki Haor is elder sister of that. The largest haor in Bangladesh and the beauty of its nature is outstanding. In summer and rainy season, you will get the different feelings of this haor. In the rainy season it is so much beauty and here you also can see some islands. So it is best time for Hakaluki Haor Tour. Tourist will get watchtower in the haor to get a wonderful view. It will take around 30 minutes to reach the first watchtower from boat stand place. Beside this, there is three more watch tower here but it will take more than two hours by engine boat. For a day tour, this place is best to enjoy nature.

sky with the water and a tree

How to reach:-

To go for Hakaluki Haor Tour From Dhaka or other places of Bangladesh tourist can come by train or bus, and fare will be around regular basis and they have to come Maijgaon railway station and from there, tourist needs to come “Ghilasara Zero Point Boat Stand”. Price by CNG is 150 BDT to reach the boat stand from the railway station. It is the best idea to reach there. But tourist can also come from anywhere in Bangladesh by bus. But they need to go Fenchuganj bus stand, from there they can reserve a CNG fare is 180 BDT.

Tourist also can come from Sylhet by train or bus fare is around 50 BDT train and 70 BDT by bus. If tourist come by train they will reach in Maijgaon railway station and by bus, they have to reach in Fenchuganj bus stand. It will around 45 minutes to reach.

watchtower and the water

In boat stand:-

there are many shops to take some snacks. You must have to carry the cash in small notes like 100 BDT note because anyone will face some problem to get the changes if the tourist has 500 or 1000 BDT note. So keep that in mind. After taking some snacks to hire a boat and fare will be 600 BDT but tourist can bargain to make it cheaper in around 400 BDT or 450 BDT. All are beautiful shaded engine boat. 10 person is perfect to carry so do not take more than 10 person.

hakaluki haor water and the sky

What to see:-

From boat stand, it will take around 30 minutes to reach in 1st watch tower of this haor. Near that watchtower, the water level is low from other places. So if someone knows swimming they can enjoy here, but who do not know how to swim they actually no need to try. If the tourist wants to watch all the watch tower in this hoar they can. But it will cost more with time and it will take around 6 hours to complete all the watchtower.

Back to home:-

It is better to move back to Sylhet from Hakaluki Haor Tour, if the tourist wants to stay and tour the other places in Sylhet because there is no good accommodation to stay at night here. If anyone wants to go back home from there they can by bus or train. If by bus they have to go in Fenchuganj bus stand or Maijgaon railway station.

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