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Sylhet Tour

The Sylhet Tour

Sylhet is one of the best tourist places to visit in Bangladesh. It is also known as Jalalabad which means the spiritual capital. Some also called it the city of saints. As 360 saints came here. Some of the world’s largest tea gardens are in Sylhet. There are lots of places here to visit. So let’s start the Sylhet tour experiences.

The famous places of Sylhet to visit:-

  • Hazrat Shah Jalal (Rah) Mazar Sharif
  • Hazrat Shah Paran (Rah) Mazar Sharif
  • Sylhet Cricket Stadium
  • Shada Pathor (Bholaganj).
  • Jaflong

Season to visit:-

The best time for Sylhet tour is during the rainy season. Because in this season the beauty of Sylhet reveals in its own form.

How to Reach In Sylhet:-

By Bus:-

There are three ways to reach in Sylhet from Capital Dhaka and also from different places in Bangladesh. Bus, Train and Air. AC buses like Green line, Shohag, Hanif, Shyamoli and NON-AC buses like Hanif, Shyamoli, Unique, Mamun enterprise from Dhaka to Sylhet. AC buses fare is around 1200 BDT and NON-AC fare is 500 BDT. You can get bus tickets from Bus Counter in Gabtoli, Kalyanpur, Saydabad and Arambag every day from 6 am to 11.30 pm. From Dhaka, it takes around 5.30 hours to reach in Sylhet with 1 journey break.

By Train:-

If any tourist wants to go Sylhet by train they need to buy tickets of Upaban express From Kamalapur railway station. Train fare is around 250-1000 BDT by seat category. It starts the journey from Kamalapur railway station at 9.45pm and it will take mostly 7 hours to reach Sylhet by 5 am.

By Air:-

If any tourist wants to go by air. They need to book tickets from online or from Dhaka airport domestic terminal. There are few airways you can move from Dhaka airport to Sylhet airport. Bangladesh Biman, US BANGLA, and Novo air. One way fare is around 2700 BDT and round is 6500 BDT in economy class by airways company category. Almost all the air starts at 12 pm-1 pm every day and passenger need to report minimum 1 hour before departure. Only 45 minutes need to reach in Sylhet from Dhaka.

Where to stay in Sylhet:-

Nowadays Sylhet is so much rush to stay in the hotel. So it is better to book the hotel before starting your tour. There are lots of hotel and resort. Mostly four-star hotel is best to stay in Sylhet and also tourist can get the five-star hotel. Five start hotel price starts from 6000-20000 BDT per night. Four-star is 2000-5000 BDT per night. Also, people can get the cheaper hotel near Dargah gate.

Famous hotels are – Noorjahan Grand, Hotel Supreme, Star Pacific, Garden Inn, Rose View etc.

Food in Sylhet:-

There are a few good restaurants in Sylhet to eat. Like Panshi, Pachvai. Food cost around per meal is 200 to 500 BDT by your choice of items. Also, KFC and Pizza Hut is there. You can go easily there by rickshaw or tom-tom car which will cost you 30-100 BDT (vary on place distance).

Two days tour guideline-

Journey Starts: – Tourist must go for night journey if they do not use the air. It will save your time to start a full day in Sylhet tour. The train journey is mostly the best idea and we started our journey from Kamalapur railway station. The train starts the journey at 9.45 pm so come minimum 30 minutes before its departure. Whole night train journey and reached in Sylhet by 5 am.

Day- 1

After reaching Sylhet rent a hotel by your expenses (we rent a room in hotel supreme) and take breakfast by 6.30 am. Take some rest in the hotel because of journey tiredness. Now ready for travelling the most attracting points of Sylhet. Jaflong is best for starting the Sylhet tour by 8 am. The distance of Jaflong from Sylhet main town is around 63 km north-east side. It is close to the Indian border called Dawki. You will find the Bus in Sylhet bus counter. 

On the way to Jaflong-

It will take almost 2.15 hours to reach there. The bus will give break after 10 minutes. Don’t get irritated of their regular break in several places. But one thing will surely irritate you the roads, which are not in good condition. But you feel super awesome by the roads nature of hills. It is as like the top of the hills are touching the clouds. You will be there by 10.30 am. After reaching Jaflong you will find Shongram punji and Mayabi waterfall. The place is blessed with natural stones and the environment is very enjoyable. There are Khashiya Polly, Paner Boroj, Tea garden, Rajar Bari to visit there. For that, the best is reserved auto rickshaw.

You should leave Jaflong by 12.30 pm to covering other places in Sylhet town, by 2.30 pm you may reach in Shah Paran (Rah) Mazar and spend around 20 minutes. Then go to Dargah gate of Hazrat Shah Jalal (Rah) Mazar.

Inside shahjalal mazar lots of pigeon

The distance between this two places is around 11km and take around 40 minutes to reach after that take lunch by 4 pm lunch. Take some rest and go to Main Mazar of Hazrat Shah Jalal (Rah). Pray sometime there and watch around lots of graves there and you can watch the grave of Bangladeshi most well-known famous film actor named Salman Shah.

Spend 30 minutes there and then go Sylhet cricket stadium by 5.30 pm. There is also a little tea garden around the stadium. Spend 30 minutes there, after that by 7 pm go to your hotel and take rest after complete lots of tourist places. Fresh as you want and take dinner by 9.30 pm and get sleep by 11 pm.


The second day of Sylhet tour wakes up at 7 am take breakfast and get ready to go for next place to visit Bholaganj. Then check out from the hotel and keep all the luggage there.

Then start from Amberkhana CNG station to Tukerbazar CNG station. The distance is 33 km from Sylhet town. Roads are given you bit disturbance but the scenery give you freshness. Tourist may reach there by 9.30 am you can ask that where station boat is. Then rent a boat and almost 15 people can go by that boat. So group tour is much better over there to reduce some cost. The boat is booked for all day long.

There are some places like Bholaganj ropeway and customs station. In ropeway, you can see the Khashiya Joyinta hill and from that hill, Dholai River comes with many stones in the land. This ropeway is around 100 acres. Many Indian trucks come in Bangladesh with lots of stones by that customs area. Many tourists are also here to see this place.

Feel the clear water but you have to remember one most important thing that it is so dangerous for a massive turn of river water. By 11.30 pm we left from that place for main Sylhet town to catch the bus and off to Dhaka. If any tourist wants to stay more they can but not more than 5 pm. If you spend 1.30 hours there you can see everything of that place.

This is two days plan for Sylhet tour.

Full tour cost:-

Transport cost:-

Train – BDT 320 – 270 BDT

Bus- BDT- 500 BDT

Hotel cost:-

Hotel Supreme – 2500 BDTper night (one night stay in a hotel)

Food cost:-

Food cost is 150 to 300 BDT per meal (Depends on your food item) in Pach-vai restaurant.

Local transport cost:-

Sylhet to Jaflong round trip bus fare– 70 BDT (per person)

Jaflong River crossing boat – 25 to 30 BDT (Per person)

Khashiya Polly – 300 to 400 BDT (Reserved Auto Rickshaw)

Sylhet to Bholaganj round CNG fare 250 BDT (Per person)

Bholaganj boat rent cost- 1000 BDT

Sylhet city cost (Rickshaw/CNG) around 30 to 100 BDT (Vary by place distance)

Others cost

Awareness & Tips:-

  • Try to carry cash money, as it is possible you won’t found any ATM booth bank in the rural areas.
  • Try to avoid street foods.
  • It’s good to pre-book all your tickets and hotels.
  • Minimum 2 person is best to tour so that you can enjoy together and you can reduce whole tour expenses.
  • Please don’t throw away wastes here and there in travel time.

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