Is that Green Narrows Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers or Arthur Shelby from "Peaky Blinders"?

On the off chance that you believe it's the last option, we truly can't fault you. All things considered,

 Rodgers played his best Arthur Shelby impersonator when they plummeted on the North Star State for their Week 1 confrontation with the Minnesota Vikings.

The Packers transferred a video of the group's appearance, with players leaving the group plane.

It zeroed in on Rogers and his new hair style, and fans really wanted to feature the uncanny likeness among him and the television character.

Regardless of the "Peaky Blinders" references, however, some couldn't resist the 

opportunity to make fun of the new doe. Indeed, even Pat McAfee himself remarked on this.

Love it or disdain it, you need to regard Aaron Rodgers' capacity to change over.

In the relatively recent past, he stood out as truly newsworthy when he was seen replicating Nicolas Enclosure's con air see Packers camp.

 Obviously it became famous online in light of the fact that individuals continued to discuss him.

As of now, beside his football, fans are simply holding back to see what sort of appearance he will make straightaway. Come Sunday, notwithstanding, the only thing that is important is that the Packers start the season with an optimistic outlook. They neglected to do so last year when the New Orleans Holy people gave them a humiliating misfortune, so ideally they can eradicate that failed-to-remember memory of their season opener. That's what after they do, fans can begin discussing Rodgers' hair once more.