Alongside Amy Wynn, Adele needs a Tony Award in EGOT

Adele is one bit nearer to accomplishing EGOT status in the wake of winning the Emmy Award

for extraordinary assortment unique (pre-recorded) for her CBS exceptional, "One Night Only."

With numerous Grammy Awards added to her repertoire and an Academy Award

 for best unique melody, the vocalist and lyricist just requirements a Tony Award 

to accomplish the tricky EGOT. A title given to specialists have won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony.

The exceptional circulated last November and incorporated a new plunk down interview with Oprah Winfrey.

 It was charged as her "first broadcast boundless discussion about her new collection '30,'

 the tales behind the melodies, facing everyday life after separate, weight reduction and bringing up her child."

With respect to separation and family, she told Winfrey, "I was extremely frustrated for my child. 

 I was extremely frustrated for myself, and I thought I'd be the one to quit doing those horrendous signs."