Bass player Teddy Nobility, an establishing individual from the Grammy-winning

nation band Alabama, was captured Monday and accused of a misdeed drug

 offense in the state with which the band shares a name, prison records show.

As per the Cherokee Region Sheriff's Office in Alabama, Nobility, 70, was set up for doubt of second degree

 unlawful ownership of maryjane and drug stuff.

He was set up for the Cherokee Region Confinement Center at 10:38 a.m. Monday and delivered at 11:06 a.m., records show.

Nobility couldn't be gone after remark Tuesday at telephone numbers appended to his home in Post Penn, in neighboring DeKalb Region.

A representative for both Gentry and the band would not comment on the arrest Tuesday but said it would not affect the group's upcoming tour.

A delegate for both Nobility and the band wouldn't remark on the capture

Tuesday however said it wouldn't influence the gathering's impending visit.