On the off chance that you haven't seen the initial segment of "The Single girl" season 19 finale, it will air on September 13 on ABC.

In an episode so sensational that ABC out of the blue needed to broaden its runtime by two hours, 

The Single girl" started off its Season 19 finale, circulating the initial segment of its live finale Tuesday night.

The main women, Rachel Recchia and Gabby Winde, have both diminished their admirers to one man each.

 However, will the following week's large finale see a commitment for one or the other lady?

The two ladies face comparable circumstances with men who say they love them

 however aren't exactly prepared to propose. The candidates said they needed to use whatever might remain of their lives with Rechia

and Blustery, separately, yet needed to encounter a more reasonable relationship timetable as opposed to securing the bunch on television only weeks after the fact.

Tragically, apparently the two ladies are giving the men a final offer: propose or we're finished.

Have Jesse Palmer started things off in a live plunk down with the two leads for the initial segment of the Time 19 finale, with studio meetings and scenes of the ladies getting back from Mexico with the final men.