Assuming there were any inquiries regarding Scratch Chubb's availability for Week 1,

 the Cleveland Browns star responded to them with a legendary promotion video before the group's opener.

Chubb dropped a Batman-themed video just before his fifth NFL season, 

 discussing his time in Cleveland, his expectations and a commitment.

The video starts with clasps of media talking heads getting down on the Earthy colors, then Chubb talks 

something that happens rarely at best.

Every one of the long stretches of torment and enduring have carried the city to a condition of sadness. 

 Everybody's expecting something else, Chubb said. "Consistently it's exactly the same thing.

The city is worn out on being humiliated, burnt out on all the agony and in particular, 

burnt out on losing the city. As am I. Chubb was drafted by the Browns in 2018 and has laid down a good 

foundation for himself as one of the most outstanding backs in the NFL. Cleveland went 32-32 over that range, making the end of the season games once. The Browns went only 4-44 in the three seasons preceding Chubb's appearance, and he has been basic in changing Cleveland's way of life.