We are currently authoritatively in week one of the NFL season as the Marauders play sometime in the evening.

Tom Brady's retirement, Tom Brady's retirement, Ali Marpete's retirement,

significant veteran free specialist takeoffs, Todd Bowles being employed as Bruce Arians moves

into a warning job, Gronk's retirement, and more show encompassing Tom Brady

breaks of his arrangements to join the Dolphins and afterward his nonattendance from the group

which presently is by all accounts because of private matters at home a great deal has been unloaded for our group.

Nonetheless, here we are with football returning.

The Marauders open their season this evening against the Dallas Cowpokes in an early evening game.

Last year, we opened our season against a similar group, and the primary game ended up being a nail-biter as we scarcely 

took out a 31-29 win against the Cattle rustlers.

 Dak Prescott tossed for more than 400 yards in last year's version of this game and controlling

their passing game ought to be a point of convergence for Tampa Sound this year.