New reports guarantee that Leonardo DiCaprio, new off his new separation,

, is right now "getting to be aware" supermodel Gigi Hadid.

It wouldn't be so fascinating, if not for the way that it makes Hadid, at 27, the main lady more than 25 to be sincerely connected to DiCaprio.

Anonymous sources refered to by the two Individuals and Us Week after week said that DiCaprio is chasing after Hadid 

and that they're understanding things, despite the fact that they're not together. "They know one another,

a source told Individuals, while one more affirmed, "Leo is certainly following Gigi

In the mean time, Us Week by week is detailing that different observers detected the two celebrating together

 at a design week get-together in New York City. Extremely inquisitive!

Presently, in the event that I might put on my tinfoil cap briefly, something appears 

to be somewhat not exactly right to me here. For one's purposes, DiCaprio said a final farewell to his last sweetheart,

 Camila Marrone, a couple of months before his 25th birthday celebration