Months in the wake of inviting her most memorable kid with spouse Cook Maroney,

and is focusing on how parenthood made a huge difference.

In Vogue's October cover profile, distributed Tuesday, Lawrence, 32, uncovered that her child's name is Cy

named after one of her significant other's number one specialists, the American painter Cy Twombly

yet additionally noticed that she's finding limits in the thing she's happy with sharing. He is taking out his youngster

Discussing parenthood is exceptionally frightening," Lawrence said. "Simply because it's different for everybody

On the off chance that I say, 'It was astonishing all along,' certain individuals will think, 

'It wasn't astounding for me from the outset,' and feel awful," he said.

"Fortunately," Lawrence says, he "has had a ton of sweethearts who told the truth. Who were like,

'This is unnerving. You probably won't associate immediately.