DALLAS - Not all front-office outrages are made equivalent, so it isn't actually

the case that Boston Celtics lead trainer Ime Udoka could be given a season-extended

 suspension for having an "unseemly personal connection" with one more individual from the association.

Ousting and defaming Donald Authentic's debilitated leaning rule over the Los Angeles Trimmers.

Mark Cuban's oversight of "improper way of behaving among workers in the Dallas

Dissidents front office" brought about him giving $10 million (as opposed to being fined

 to abusive behavior at home associations. Robert Sarver's wild way of behaving while responsible for the 

Phoenix Suns, a discussion that has now driven him to sell the group.

In any case, while we can play the "a distinction without a distinction" game here, what joins these occasions (and others) is…