The demise of Elizabeth II at 96 years old denotes the beginning of a turbulent 10 days for the UK

 wherein a sovereign will be let go, a country will grieve its longest-dominant ruler and another ruler will be declared.

In a couple of hours, Sovereign Charles, the oldest of Elizabeth's four youngsters

will be formally delegated lord in a function that goes back many years. At 73, 

he is the most seasoned individual to rise the privileged position in English history.

Banners will fly at half-pole as the nation starts a time of public grieving. 

 Ordinary legislative issues will be suspended because of the inundation of accolades from around the world.

 In London, the Sovereign's casket will be put in Westminster Lobby in front of her state burial service, which will check a public occasion.

As the essence of progress in a country connects with Charles Sharpen as Lord