PnB Rock, the Philadelphia rapper most popular for his 2016 hit Narrow minded,

 was lethally shot Monday early evening time during a burglary at Roscoe's

Place of Chicken and Waffles eatery in South Los Angeles, policing told The Times

Los Angeles Police Capt. Kelly Muniz said the shooting happened at 1:15 p.m. Renowned restaurants on Central

 avenue and Manchester Road. He was unable to recognize the person in question.

Rock, 30, whose genuine name is Rakim Allen, was at the café with his better half, 

 who posted an area labeled photograph in a since-erased Instagram post.

Muniz said a suspect waved a gun inside the eatery and requested things from the people in question.

 Sources let The Times know that Rock was focused on for her adornments.

Muniz said the attacker was shot very quickly during the burglary.